Condo Reverse Mortgage

Universal Capital Mortgage Corp. is an industry leader in condominium financing, and now we offer a new proprietary reverse mortgage called HomeSafe for condominium owners.

HomeSafe offers the same great benefits as traditional FHA backed reverse mortgages:

  • Eliminate Monthly Mortgage Payments for Life
  • Get Lump Sum Cash Out Or Monthly Payments
  • Never Owe More Than Your Home’s Value
  • Retain Ownership for Life

But HomeSafe is special for 3 reasons

  • No FHA Condo Project Approval Required

Traditional reverse mortgages for homeowners who live in condominiums require that the condominium project and the HOA obtain a project approval from FHA.  Less than 10% of condominiums in California have this approval, and they are costly to obtain.  HomeSafe now lets everyone who owns a condo qualify for a reverse mortgage

  • No Mortgage Insurance Premium Required

All traditional reverse mortgage loans under the HECM program have a Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP).  Borrowers are charged a MIP at closing that equals two (2) percent of the home’s appraised value or FHA lending limit ($679,650), whichever number is less.  Borrowers are also charged MIP on an annual basis — equal to 0.5 percent of the outstanding loan balance.   HomeSafe does not require MIP, saving homeowners thousands of dollars every year.

  • Loans to $3,000,000

Unlike traditional reverse mortgages that have loan smaller loan limits, HomeSafe has a maximum loan limit of $3,000,000, offering homeowners with higher values access to the benefits of a reverse mortgage loan.

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