CIDA Reports

Buying a condo in an HOA can be stressful. How strong is the reserve? How accurate is the budget? Is there adequate insurance? CID Analytics, Inc. (CIDA) is a pioneer in the field of pre-purchase due diligence services for buyers who are purchasing a home in a common interest development (CID). The CIDA Report and the CIDA Score are proprietary due diligence products that provide homebuyers with the information they need to make informed decisions before purchasing a home in a homeowner association (HOA).

The CIDA Report offers valuable insight into the administrative and financial practices of the HOA in which the home is located. CIDA is an advocate for the buyer in a transaction that has historically been tilted in favor of sellers. Our services are designed to empower buyers by providing them with the knowledge they need to negotiate the best possible terms when purchasing a home in an HOA.

We offer No Cost CIDA reports to all clients purchasing in a common interest development. Please call for more details.

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