Home Equity Line of Credit to $400,000.00

We are offering a brand new program called the “AI (artificial Intelligence) 5 day HELOC” – Its incredible

The program is determined 100% by AI technology.

HELCOS are fixed from 10-30 years and can fund in 5-7 business days. (1sts and 2nd mortgages)

No appraisal fee, no escrow fee, no title fee, and no lender fees other than a one-time investor origination fee.

There is no “hard pull” credit report an no prepayment penalty.

We can use income AND assets to qualify, with loans up to $400,000!
Primary residence, 2nd home, investment properties are all eligible

Best of all, no HOA questionnaire so all non-warrantable condominiums are eligible.

The application process is very simple and only takes 5 minutes to apply.

That’s it!! And you get your money in as quick as 5 business days.
If you don’t like the offer, there is no obligation to continue.